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The Kahuna Platform

The Kahuna Group, a leading real estate developer and brokerage company, aims to change the way everyone within the rental ecosystem leases, rents, and earns using blockchain technology. The blockchain-based solution Kahuna builds will streamline the search, onboarding, and tenancy stages for both landlords and tenants. With The Kahuna Platform, the future of tenant reputation is being revolutionized, and a new era and standard of leasing, selling and buying property is possible. Let’s make it happen together.


Addressing Real Estate Challenges

Landlords and renters face a multitiude of frustrating challenges and inefficiencies across many stages of their relationship, and even on their own.

Tenant and Landlord Relationship

Undesirable behavior and complaints are handled differently depending on whether the issue involves the tenant or landlord. Issues are typically addressed on a 1-on-1 basis before moving on to arbitration, and if no solution is found, litigation. This process is time consuming and costly for all involved.

Inefficient Renter Data

A credit score is one of the primary resources Landlords use to vet prospective tenants, but the data most relevant is largely absent from most credit scores. Unlike mortgages, rental payment data is rarely ever recorded on a credit report. In fact, it is estimated that less than 1% of rental payment data makes it into the credit score of rent-paying tenants, unfairly disadvantaging them in many instances.

Rental Payment Processing and Float

Between first and last month’s rent, ongoing rent, deposits and other property service costs, tenants and landlords have a lot of payments to track. This creates the issues of float for multiple RERI stakeholders, and specifically cash management challenges for both tenants and landlords with regard to recurring monthly payments.


The Kahuna Platform

The Kahuna Platform will be accessible via a web application or mobile device, allowing RERI landlords, property managers, and tenants to personally manage their experience . The application will interface with the blockchain, allowing unprecedented user-control and management of the rental process via a suite of platform functionality:

Platform Profiles

Profiles will be user-populated and controlled via an application on mobile devices or website. The Kahuna Platform allows users to control their profile information and rental and behavioral history.

Behavioral Mining©

The Kahuna Platform will focus on minimizing poor tenant-landlord relationships via Behavioral Mining©, an innovative reward system intended to incentivize adherence to a Code of Behavior, and thus benefit the stakeholders of residential rental communities and beyond.

Kahuna Score©

A central element of the Kahuna Platform will be the Kahuna Score©, an algorithmically calculated score based on an aggregation of renter data, sourced from user-submitted profile information, rental payment and deposit history, as well as Behavioral Mining© performance.

Kahuna Token

To make payments frictionless and trackable, Kahuna plans to enable tenants to use a stablecoin payment gateway for rental payments and payment of other obligations such as security deposits or property services. Transactions made on-chain directly impact tenant Kahuna Scores©.

Kahuna Wallet

Stakeholders of the Kahuna Platform will be able to create a Wallet to store and spend their KNA Tokens. Behavioral Mining© rewards will be deposited directly into a tenant’s Wallet where they can be used for traditional rental payments or as a cash equivalent to procure resources on the platform. Wallet holders will have the option of converting their KNA Tokens to a stablecoin or sell them on the secondary market.

Payment Gateway

Tenants will have the ability to utilize the stablecoin gateway for rental payments and other obligations such as deposits. Transactions will be handled in real-time allowing for the conversion of USD or Kahuna Tokens to a stablecoin. Transactions made on-chain will affect tenants’ Kahuna Score© depending on the timeliness.

Rental Center

Landlords who utilize the Kahuna Platform will be able to list available properties via the Rental Center. Prospective tenants will be able to interact directly with landlords and submit inquiries, exchange rental ratings, and eventually make deposits via the payment gateway.

dApp future

Developers will be able to build on top of the Kahuna platform to enable service centers for tenants and new revenue streams for landlords. NFC Chip and QR Code functionality can connect a Tenant’s Profile and their KNA wallet to access different “Tap-to-Pay” services, such as laundry.


Rental Industry Poised for Change

The tenant and landlord experiences is fraught with friction.


The Kahuna Team

A project with goals like ours requires a team from the inside of the industry. Our collective century-worth of experience informs the innovations under development with the Kahuna Token and platform.

Dean Harrell

Dean Harrell


Steven Whitworth

Steven Whitworth


Tommy Price

Tommy Price

Vice President

Angela Jennings

Angela Jennings

Head of Office Operations

Remy Jacobson

Remy Jacobson


Astor Rivera

Astor Rivera

Blockchain Tech Advisor

Bunker Capital is Kahuna’s partner in blockchain tokenomics, development, and community building. Together, their unified expertises contextualize a dynamic polymerization of industries and know-how.


Frequently Asked Questions

As we continue to engage with the community, and grow our own, we will keep this FAQ section updated with the latest and greatest Q/A from across the web.

I forgot my password. How do I request my login information?

Click “Sign In” button, then follow “Forgot Your Password?” link to request a new password.

Where can I read the Kahuna whitepaper in full?

The Kahuna whitepaper can be downloaded here

How do I earn Kahuna Tokens?

Once live, Tenants and Landlords will be able to earn KNA via Behavioral © by performing activities such as paying rent on time, using less than average power, participating in community events, etc. Tenants and Landlords may purchase Kahuna Tokens from within the application wallet or from physical kiosks located in the property management office of a platform registered property. The purchased tokens will come from the Kahuna Group’s token reserve.

What is the Kahuna Platform?

The Kahuna Platform will contain a suite of services to host the rental industry on top of existing blockchain technology.

I am interested in learning more about The Kahuna Platform. Who can I contact for more information?

We are excited you want to learn more about us. Please email for more information.

Is Kahuna decentralized?

Decentralization of the Kahuna Platform is expected to allow Kahuna Platform users to take their data with them internationally, and ensure than no one has the ability to access or amend their data without permission.


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